AR bed (Anti Reflux)

To be used on the advice of your pediatrician.

The MULTICARE Anti-Reflux or Anti-Regurgitation bed is an initiative to put a stop to the tendency to overmedicate babies and to provide a turning point.

In Belgium, more than 15% of all infants are prescribed anti-acid medication at least once, while not a single study has indicated that this helps against reflux. Furthermore, this medication makes children more susceptible to airway and gastrointestinal infections.

The AR-bed is in fact more than a bed. It is a complete sleeping system where the baby is safely and comfortably positioned on its back. It has EC recognition as a medical aid (MDD 93/42/EEC) and is registered at the Federal Drug and Health Product Agency (Belgium).

Try it, and experience what the parents of three out of four ‘reflux babies’ experience:  “they regurgitate less and sleep more calmly”.