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Cost price: €395 (excl. shipping costs).

myCosyRelax is used as a bed and a bouncer. It offers a comfortable smooth back position in various angles, which promotes the health of every baby. Reflux babies who are positioned in the steepest angle no longer require medication.

Almost every baby suffers from regurgitation or reflux. myCosyRelax offers a preventive solution to this.

The baby lies in a smooth position at various angles which relieves the stomach. By choosing the correct angle (20, 30 or 40) you ensure that gravity does its work and the baby does not or barely suffers.

A happy, laughing baby, who can always enjoy sleep, rest and his environment. The division of pressure around the body and the smooth position relax baby’s back.

myCosyRelax is made of durable ecologic wood. A natural product with a five-year guarantee.





myCosyRelax® is traditionally crafted in the carpenter’s workshop of day-care centre DE BIOTOOP.






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