TOG value


Ambient temp. Bedding

24 °C sheet: TOG 0.5
22 °C sheet + Hé bamboo fleece: TOG 1.5
20 °C sheet + RESPIRE: TOG 2
18 °C duvet cover + Hé bamboo blanket: TOG 3
Up to 16 °C duvet cover + duvet MULTICARE microclimate: TOG 4
Up to 16 °C Hé bamboo sleeping bag + Hé bamboo blanket + duvet cover: TOG 4

Ambient temp. Baby clothes

22°-24 °C rompers: TOG 0.5
20°-22 °C rompers: TOG 0.5
18°-20 °C rompers + pyjamas: TOG 2
16°-18 °C rompers + pyjamas: TOG 3
Tot 16 °C rompers + pyjamas + thin sleeping bag: TOG 4


(*)TOG value (Thermal Overall Grade) is an indication of heat resistance/insulation properties of textile. It’s important to know whether a baby is not too cold or too hot. Heatstroke in babies is a scientifically proven risk of cot death. With a TOG value standard as an aid, a parent/carer can choose which product can be best used for a baby in which condition at room temperature. TOG values are indicated in an index. Safe TOG values for a baby, measured at room temperature, are between 0 and 4.0. TOG values higher than 4 may entail an increased risk of heatstroke.